Welcome to the International Saints and Abolitionists Community! The following is a list of the official guidelines pertaining to our community for the sole purpose of keeping this platform safe and beneficial for everyone!

1. We are connected through the foundation of loving Jesus and fighting trafficking; that being said, we all have something important and in common with others who are here in the ISA Community. Make yourself comfortable and help others do the same in the ISA Christian Abolitionist Community.

2. Please allow Advocates to express their full spectrum of emotions without judgment, correction, shame, or guilt. Focus on listening first, assuming the best, seeking to understand others, and empathizing with one another. We are here to assist each other in prayer, support, advice, and community while being equipped to be a Saint and an Abolitionist. 

3. The ISA Community is not only meant to be an online forum, but also its purpose is to create meaningful friendships through connecting globally while combatting trafficking both at home and abroad. We pray that you connect with those in the ISA Community as you make long-lasting relationships and invite others to help expand the ISA Community. 

4. Please be respectful of all ISA Community Advocates, ISA Moderators, and our ISA Leadership Team. We are all here for a common purpose and are committed to creating a safe environment.

5. Protect the privacy of those in your group(s). Please do not share personal content from the group without the expressed permission of the Advocate. 

6. This is a troll-free zone. We will not tolerate bullying, discrimination, inappropriate behavior, illegal activity, or other related improper conduct. Please notify ISA Moderators or the ISA Leadership Team if you experience anything like this. We reserve the right to delete any content deemed offensive or inappropriate, as well as permanently remove any Advocate who does not follow the guidelines.

7. No self-promotion. We have many community members who are speakers, writers, non-profit founders, bloggers, youtube stars, podcasters, etc. We ask that you do not use the group as a place to self-promote, either with posts or in the comment section. If you have newly published a book or would like to in some way share something you think would be highly valuable and fit the goals of the group or community, please share it with your ISA Moderator, and we would love to consider adding your work to our Member Resources!

8. No crowd-funding outside of ISA. We do not allow the posting of Gofundme, Youcaring, Indiegogo, etc. These cannot be vetted and are prohibited on this app. We have fully verified organizations that are promoted in certain groups who will be allowed to fundraise for their organizations. Please trust ISA to vet and approve appropriate organizations. We ask that you resist fundraising for other non-profits outside of ISA. 

9. No volunteer crowd-sourcing. If you are looking for volunteers to blog, speak, contribute, etc, this is not the platform to do so. We do not want to exhaust our Advocates with requests. If there is a specific need for volunteers regarding anti-slavery efforts, please contact your ISA Moderator, and we can put you in contact with certain Advocates. If you are searching for individuals to fill a paid position, please contact your ISA Moderator for this as well.

10. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to our ISA Marketing and Media Director, [email protected]. We ask that you use official channels, including the email listed and our community platform, to communicate with our ISA Leadership Team and ISA Moderators. Please do not use social media and direct messages unless you have first been granted permission from the Advocate you are contacting. 

Thank you in advance for understanding! Again, thank you for joining the ISA Christian Abolitionist Community! We are called to be rooted in God, and this journey is not meant to be discovered alone. Connecting to other Advocates and being equipped to combat the evils of this world is what we need to deepen our foundation with Jesus as we fight for others. We are better together, and you belong here in the ISA Community!