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COURSE: Teens Against Trafficking

Protecting Teens and Tweens Through Education

This course is created for tweens and teenagers to know the basics about trafficking, how to protect themselves, and the dangers they face online. 

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Abolitionist Training 101
Learn about sex trafficking through this 30-Day Sex Trafficking Educational Guidebook. We believe anyone can be empowered to make a difference in the fight to end sex trafficking. Become an Abolitionist today. Age-appropriate for 12 years and older.

4 Lessons
4 Participants

Cost: $19.99

Table of Contents

1 Understanding Sex Trafficking
2 The Hidden Slave
3 Understanding the Demand
4 Trafficking Warnings

About the Organization

Intl Saints and Abolitionists

About the Instructors

Joshua Parriera

Loved by Christ. Husband to my best friend. Father to 3 unbelievable kids. Lead Pastor of The Anchored Church and Executive Director of ISA

Lena Parriera

Jesus First | Coffee Enthusiast | Freedom For All

Dana Parriera

Yahweh, Jesus, & Holy Spirit follower. Married to my pastor. Momma of 3. Family girl. Animal lover. Thai Tea drinker. Gardener wannabe. A Saint & Abolitionist.