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COURSE: Tough Parenting

Steps you can take to assist a child who has confessed to looking at porn and geared for children aged 2-12.

What do you do if you just found out your child has been watching porn? As a parent/guardian, you want to keep your children safe. But online images have their way of sneaking onto devices; curiosity is the tool used to lure our youngsters into the world of sexual exploitation. Learn about the steps you should take after discovering your child's exposure to pornography! We are here for you whether you are curious about what it takes to assist a sexually exposed child, need to learn about this to help others, or are in the middle of it. 

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9 Lessons
2 Participants

Cost: $29.99

Table of Contents

1 Child Exposed to Porn
2 A Child's Advocate
3 A Kid-Friendly Message About Porn
4 The Spiritual Side to Porn
5 Confession
6 Confessing Things Said
7 Confessing Things Happened
8 Confessing Things Done
9 Confessing Lies Believed

About the Organization

Intl Saints and Abolitionists

About the Instructors

Joshua Parriera

Loved by Christ. Husband to my best friend. Father to 3 unbelievable kids. Lead Pastor of The Anchored Church and Executive Director of ISA

Dana Parriera

Yahweh, Jesus, & Holy Spirit follower. Married to my pastor. Momma of 3. Family girl. Animal lover. Thai Tea drinker. Gardener wannabe. A Saint & Abolitionist.