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COURSE: Christian Abolitionist

Become a Certified Christian Abolitionist. This sex trafficking training course will equip you to fight one of the greatest evils today.

This training course will equip you to understand sex trafficking and help you see it through a different lens. Protect those around you and learn how to identify the signs of trafficked victims. Sex Trafficking needs to be stopped! But first, it needs to be understood. 

ISA has worked hard to make this training PG-13 and does not exploit images of others or expose viewers to sexual immorality. Videos of others have been edited in such a way as to make that possible. 

ISA also highlights other organizations to expose the viewer to the great work others are doing around the world.

This course takes around 12 hours to complete. 

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Abolitionist Training 101: 30-Day Sex Trafficking Educational Guidebook
Learn about sex trafficking through this 30-Day Sex Trafficking Educational Guidebook. We believe that any person can be empowered to make a difference in the fight to end sex trafficking. With a single action, we fight to abolish slavery. Age-appropriate for 12-years and older.

50 Lessons
45 Participants

Cost: $99.00

Table of Contents

1 What's in a Name
2 Trafficking 101
3 Why Education is Important
4 Exploitation 101
5 Exploitation: Organ Trafficking
6 Exploitation: Beggar Trafficking
7 Human Trafficking by Blue Campaign
8 Freedom from Sexual Exploitation
9 Human Trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand
10 What is Sex Trafficking
11 Freedom from Slavery
12 Slaves without Chains
13 Traffickers
14 Making a Pro
15 Breaking Grounds
16 Trauma Bonding
17 Trauma Therapy
18 Victims of Prostitution
19 Coerced Prostitution
20 Breaking the Stigma of Prostitution
21 Slaves Owners
22 Pimping Game
23 Pimps
24 Branding
25 Forms of Sex Trafficking
26 Sex Buyers
27 Johns
28 Tricks
29 Mongers
30 Practicing Sexual Abuse
31 The Demand
32 The Effects of Porn
33 How Porn Harms
34 Porn Stars
35 The Choice
36 Choosing Exploitation?
37 The Hidden Slave
38 Trauma Recovery
39 Leaving the Life
40 Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
41 Fight the Demand
42 Fight for Kids
43 Children & Social Media
44 Online Predators
45 Modesty
46 Child Sex Trafficking
47 Get in the Fight!
48 Truck Stops and Road Trips
49 Freedom is Ageless
50 Fight for One!

About the Organization

Intl Saints and Abolitionists

About the Instructors

Joshua Parriera

Loved by Christ. Husband to my best friend. Father to 3 unbelievable kids. Lead Pastor of The Anchored Church and Executive Director of ISA

Dana Parriera

Yahweh, Jesus, & Holy Spirit follower. Married to my pastor. Momma of 3. Family girl. Animal lover. Thai Tea drinker. Gardener wannabe. A Saint & Abolitionist.