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COURSE: Breaking Free

Freedom from Porn

Pastor and Abolitionist Joshua Parriera will take you on a journey to learn about sexual sin and what surrounds porn. By giving you the tools you need to break free, Pastor Joshua will educate you on what freedom looks like and how to get there through the Power of Jesus Christ. 

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Battle for Purity
What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ through sexual purity? This book will challenge your view of sexuality and equip you to fight for your purity. This book is PG-13
Study Guide: Battle for Purity
A companion guide to Battle for Purity. This Study Guide will allow you to reflect and dive deeper as you read the Battle for Purity. Challenge your personal views about sexuality and confront them with Scripture. Journal your journey as you embark on the Battle for Purity.

24 Lessons
6 Participants

Cost: $149.99

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Is There Hope?
3 The Battle
4 Sinner or Saint?
5 What is Porn?
6 The Impact of Porn
7 Freedom in Christ
8 Jesus isn't for Sale
9 Passions of the Flesh
10 Make the Choice
11 Step One
12 Confession
13 The Cost of Confession
14 Step Two
15 Step Three
16 Safeguarding
17 Committed to Truth
18 Masturbating
19 No Blaming
20 Serving Two Masters?
21 No More Lies
22 Freedom Box
23 Powerhouse
24 Give Back

About the Organization

Intl Saints and Abolitionists

About the Instructor

Joshua Parriera

Loved by Christ. Husband to my best friend. Father to 3 unbelievable kids. Exec Director of ISA.